• Achieve a higher energy gradient and consequently have lower operating costs
  • Inform his user about his / her damages and technical problems
  • Be able to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world
  • To provide increased safety and comfort
  • To offer an increased sensory entertainment experience
  • To be technologically expandable according to the user’s financial capability (pay as you go)
  • Be able to accept any future building technology development


The smart home, or smartly connected home, is a technologically evolving and fully expanding technology that provides control, tele-supervision and remote control of a home or building through a centralized system locally or remotely.

The “smart home” provides a wealth of information handling, notification and information to mobile and fixed phones, but also computers. In particular it provides information on the state of housing and safety handling of your personal space, via telecommunication devices.


Check any electrical or mechanical equipment and activate the scenarios to select specific functions and programs for heating, cooling, ventilation.

When approaching the house, you can make a call with your mobile phone and turn on the “return home” scenario, which activates the heating or cooling, the perimeter lights, the opening of the garage door etc, according to your needs.

Feel safe, imagine sleeping at night, knowing your home is controlled electronically. Enable and disable the security system from anywhere. Notify via your mobile phone.

Open and close any source of illumination at scheduled intervals, subject to specific conditions or accidentally.

Rolls, shades, blinds and awnings open and close electronically remotely. Other household appliances, such as the water heater, the washing machine, the kitchen, the dryer, the boiler, the radiator, the air condition, the pool, the garage door, etc. can also be handled.

Safe and easy way to get home without using keys. Give the intimate persons a personal access card, and check at any time the entrance / exit from the house.