• Renovations of preservable buildings with traditional modern – techniques and techniques for the restoration and enhancement of their morphological features
  • Maintenance & repair of wood structures
  • Reconstruction & repair of masonry
  • Surfaces and coatings for vertical surfaces
  • Works on the basis of specific structural and architectural specifications, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1469/1950, on “Special Protection of Preservable Buildings”


Our office offers specialized services and flexible solutions for the rehabilitation of the preserved buildings’ appearance by undertaking the delivery of complex and demanding projects in terms of specifications and delivery time, ready for use by the customer.

With our experienced staff and accumulated know-how in the field of construction, our company is able to implement high quality projects that are distinguished for their modern aesthetic point of view, the use of cutting-edge technologies and significant savings.

Maintenance in listed buildings

Maintenance is defined as the process of continuous individual restorations, which do not alter the shape and structure of the monument and are intended to remove the effects of physical deterioration.

Restoration of buildings

Restoration is the restoration of the building to its original state. That is, the removal of elements that alter the shape of the building and / or the restoration of architectural elements to restore its original form and typology.