The renovation of a building or a portion (apartment, shop, office etc.) can be partial (eg replacement of of sanitary equipment or repair damaged floors or replacing exterior doors and windows, etc.) or radical.

The renovation of a building or a portion (apartment, shop, office etc) become mandatory when they begin to accumulate technical problems that alter the building or degrade the quality of life within it.

Why Choose Us

The on-site inspection by an experienced engineer of our company, the space of the building and its components is crucial for the formation of the overall situation in which the property is located.

At the same time our engineer will discuss with the owner the size and type of renovation, desire or not to review the arrangement of space and economic opportunity.

After deciding all the tasks to be performed in the project, comes the design of the space. Bearing all this in mind and in cooperation with the owner we move on renovating your space.

  • Dismantling selected sections
  • Plumbing and sanitary works
  • Electrical works
  • Installing new external – internal frames
  • Construction of a new wood floor
  • Construction of new kitchen – bathroom furniture
  • Complete the paint of the apartment
  • Installing air-conditioners
  • Replace with new security door