• Constructions Demolition
  • Excavations or embankments, coatings, land formations.
  • Construction, addition, repair of buildings and their annexes.
  • Construction of pool.
  • Change of use
  • Construction and adding any form of installation.
  • Construction of underground tanks.


The Building License or better building permit has been renamed by the new legislation is an authorization which must receive, if you plan to build a new home, but also for several other works.

Issued by the competent Service Construction (formerly known as Town Planning) and the application is accompanied by several documents and studies for the preparation and collection of which often need assistance from an experienced civil engineer.

Why Choose Us

So, apart from the construction of new housing, building permit needed for more activities, like adding a section to an existing construction, for extensive repair work or strengthening of a building, for the change of use of a structure (eg from residence to a workplace), to replace the roof and for the demolition of a building. In all these cases it not examined whether the building is located inside or outside the city plan, but each case requires a special permit.

For whatever reason you need a building permit, the most appropriate solution is to contact us because we have affordable prices with reliable services.